I accidentally added posts to one profile and not another, do I have to re-enter them all?

How to change the account my post will publish to:

1. Click on the post.

2. Click edit.

3. Click the drop down arrow with the accounts.

4. Select the desired account.

5. Click Save.

How to duplicate the post and change the account on the post

If you wanted to schedule the post to two accounts, you can duplicate the post and then change the account on the duplicate post.

1. Click on the post.

2. Click "Duplicate"

3. Select the same date and time so it is easy to find.

4. Click "Save"

5. Click on the duplicate post.

6. Click the dropdown on the account area and select the new account.

7. Edit time and date as desired.

8. Calendar will refresh.

9. To see the new post, filter by the new account.

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